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Datacontrol Module

When commissioning other companies (service providers), where personal data (e.g. customer data) must be submitted, all legal data protection specifications have to be monitored, as well as they have to be observed in your own company.

This includes the following technical and organisational measures in accordance with §11 Federal Data Protection Act:

  • Entrance control: prevents unauthorised persons from gaining access to buildings and computer systems by e.g. door protection, control of individuals who do not belong to the company, visitor badges, regulations concerning keys, property protection etc
  • Access control: prevents computer systems from being used by unauthorised persons with e.g. password system, Protecting internal networks against access from the outside
  • Access control: restricts the use of a computer system to the data corresponding to the access authorisation by e.g. partial access to databases and functions, not every employee has access to all data
  • Disclosure control: ensures that personal data can only be read, copied or changed with authorisation in the course of electronic transmission or storage by e.g. encryption
  • Input control: ensures that a later data entry can be verified by logging all inputs
  • Order control: ensures that personal data is only used according to the client‘s instructions (contract, monitoring of results)
  • Availability control: ensures that data is protected against destruction or loss by regular data backups, external backups, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors
  • Separation control: ensures that data collected for different purposes can be processed separately e.g. documentation of the purposes for which the relevant data is processed and used. Data from different clients is processed separately in order to avoid mutual access
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