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ADRESS-CONTROL Süppmayer GmbH (AC Sueppmayer Ltd.) in Saarbruecken was founded in 1995 by Dieter Süppmayer who has 20 years experience in direct-marketing industry. He worked for several years as a manager within the Metro group before setting up his own business. ADRESS-CONTROL is an international company having employees from different countries of the world. ADRESS-CONTROL Süppmayer GmbH also has a network of expert partners from marketing and other related areas. Dieter Süppmayer
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Address data is the base of every customer-related activity. Name, address and stored data are inevitable requirements to provide a client-customized offer of information as well as direct marketing. These databases should be protected against any unauthorised access and also in order to fulfil the strict legal guidelines.

Customers are the fundament of corporate expansion. The road to success can only be provided through consequent orientation of the customer relationship.

The customer stands at the direct focus of our strategy and therefore has every demand for custom-tailored solutions.

AC Süppmayer GmbH
Saargemünderstr. 106
D 66271 Kleinblittersdorf
Fon: +49 6805 928501
Fax: +49 6805 9285320
Mail: info@acsueppmayer.de


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