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Are your addresses sufficiently protected?

Datenschutz - Nehmen Sie den Adressschutz ernst!
Address misuse is everywhere, not only within companies which rent their addresses, but also through people in the production processes.

Don't provide the opportunity for data theft!

With our address control system you can protect your data to the maximum. For example on a preventive means and as a means to detect non authorised usage. The potential data thieves have no chance to access if the database is protected through control addresses. We check the need for protection and design a sustainable concept with which suspicious areas can easily be detected.

Conforming to the law (if required)

Our system checks the data origin with missing opt-in whether it is correctly used in favor of the address owner.
In case of any loss or damage, the company and the employees responsible have to proof that all relevant measurements have been taken to secure person-related data!



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